Android Cleaning

Professional Cleaner to Clean up Android Devices in One Click

  • Automatically detect all junk files lurking in your Android device.
  • Support various file types, including app caches, temporary files, user storage files and more.
  • Free up more precious storage space on Android device.
  • Optimize the performance of Android phones/tablets.
  • 100% safe & secure, without bringing any potential dangers like data loss.

Apply to all Android phone brands, such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, etc.

Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista
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Clear All Junk Files from Android Devices

With more useful files like photos, contacts and etc. saved in your Android device, an growing amount of junk files will also come along, which occupy the precious space on your device and won't disappear automatically. But this powerful Android Cleaning software makes it quite easy:

> This software automatically detect all junk files that come along with the photos, music or videos downloaded online and display them on the computer for your reference.

> You are free to tick out the files that you want to clean up from your Android device and start to clear them from device by clicking the right option.

>It allows you to efficiently remove unwanted files in a batch, without wasting extra time.

Free More Space & Speed up Android Device

Want to save new files but not enough space is available? Find your Android device is running slower and slower? This Android Cleaning can solve all these problems:

>By cleaning all junk files from Android device, you can spare much space on the device, so you can store other useful files without worrying about space scarcity.

> With all junk files kicked out from your device, the speed of your device will absolutely run a little faster. So, forming the habit of cleaning up Android device is of great significance to turn your old phone/tablet into totally new.

Support Various Files & Different Devices

Worry that Android Cleaning won't work if you change into another Android phone? No need at all! As long as you are using Android device, it can always be your best cleaning tool to clean up your Android phone/tablet.

>Various junk files can be detected, including app caches, app temp files, download temp files, photos caches, app crash logs, user storage files and more.

> As to the phone/tablet brand, the only condition is that your device is running Android operating system. Then you are guaranteed to rely on it to remove Android junk files.

More Shining Points Can't be Missed

As a powerful and professional tool, this Android Cleaning allows you to clean up worthless junk files from your device within simple clicks. To speed up your phone, you absolutely can't miss it!

>Unlike other professional cleaner providing complex operation procedures, this software offers an easy-to-understand user interface. Simple clicks are quite enough to delete junk files from your Android phone/tablet.

> Cleaning up your Android device can protect your personal privacy to a certain degree, since sometimes junk files may contain your personal information like email address.

> As to the safety, you can be fully guaranteed. Android Cleaning is able to clean up Android device without bring any potential dangers like data loss or virus infection.


Guide: How to Use Android Cleaning?


Step 1. Open the installed program and link your Android phone to the computer.

Step 2. Enable USB debugging on your phone if required. Then this software will automatically install USB driver on your computer after detecting your Android device.

Step 3. This software will scan through your device and display all the junk file folders on one interface for your reference.

Step 4. Enter the file folder to preview more detailed information. And then choose the files you want to remove. Finally, click on Start option to begin the file cleaning process.

Finally, just wait for the process to get complete within a little while. Then, all junk files will be cleared from your device. And you can enjoy faster speed when using your device!

What we promise

100% Safe Guarantee

There is no adware, no spyware, no virus attached to our software. After working this software on your computer, your mobile phone or computer won't suffer any loss. It is 100% safe.

User Review
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Abigail Jones

This Android Cleaning software is really easy to use, now all junk files are removed from my Motorola phone. It now runs faster! Thanks!

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