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About Us


Who Are We?

Our team has been dedicated to providing professional Android Transfer, Android Recovery, Android Cleaning, Phone to Phone Transfer and many more tools for all Android users, so as to solve various problems you may meet in using your device.


What Can You Get?

On this android-transfer.net, almighty tools and quick fixes can be easily found in response to various issues. Also, different step-by-step guides are available to solve your problem in no time!


> You can have easy access to Android data recovery tool to recover lost files from Android device no matter how you lose them.


> You can get professional Android data transfer software to freely share files between Android and computer and backup files in case of data losses.


> You can rely on Android data cleaning/erasing software to fully clean up your device when you find your Android device is running slow, or permanently erase any files to guard against potential privacy leak.


> You can trust mobile phone transfer software to sync files between two smart devices in an easy and efficient way as needed and wanted.


Contact Us


If you have any problem about our products, you can go to the resource center to find related solutions. But if you still can't find the answer in the resource center, please don't hesitate to contact our technical team via email. And we will give you a sooner response within 24 hours.


Email Address: support#android-transfer.net (Please replace # with @)

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